432 asics gel resolution 5 yellowblack mens shoes

The GEL-RESOLUTION™ 8 sneaker advances a responsive walk with a near the-court feel.

The FLEXION FIT™ upper furnishes perfectly sized help with the reconciliation of DYNAWALL™ innovation, which offers included midfoot strength during horizontal developments and across the nation inclusion. Actualizing a torque control include in the heel counter, this shoe is likewise intended to help keep up a secured feel during fast advances.

Famous for its mark GEL™ innovation in the impact point and midfoot, this shoe essentially decreases the effect of stun from sudden unpredictable developments on court. Moreover, the model likewise joins an AHAR™ compound in the outsole that works related to the PGUARD™ toe defender to expand footing on court, while decreasing the general degree of wear.

Making a quickened reaction with a characteristic near the-ground feel, the GEL-RESOLUTION™ 8 sneaker permits you to move toward your matches on court with certainty.

PGUARD™ toe defender

DYNAWRAP™ development


AHAR™ outsole

Back and forefoot GEL™ innovation

DYNAWALL™ innovation

Removable sockliner

432 asics gel resolution 5 yellowblack mens shoes